Thursday, March 4, 2010

Toot toot!

"Toot toot". That's what Jett calls the red bus bag - except it's not a train, it's a bus. But hey, he's not quite two so I think I'll cut the little man some slack :p Perhaps after market I'll have to buy some train fabric and make him his own little 'man bag'.

I've had lots of fun making these new shoulder bags for the Beckybean stall, which will be at the
BrisStyle Indie Designers Market on Saturday March 6 in Hamilton, Brisbane (that's right, two days away!).

Having found my inspiration from collectable vintage tea towels and of course some lovely prints from Ink & Spindle and Pippijoe, combined with reclaimed textiles and organic hemp canvas, I must say I'll be a little sad to see them go... But of course looking forward to seeing them find new homes :)

If instead you're feeling a little bit retro, check out Bec's blog to see some more pics of the other cool shoulder bags that will be at our stall this Saturday.

Oh and how cool is this Poladroid progam Bec got me onto?? I could spend quite some time playing with this, but alas I really should be packing up the bags and getting them ready for market :)