Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alright stop... pyjama time!

Come on little kiddies, on my lap, guess who's back with a brand new rap...

OK really, this post isn't about Eminem's 'Just lose it' song...

Needing a quick spell of all that is hessian in my house at the moment (well perhaps the floors needing it more than me given it goes EVERYWHERE and I really should be cleaning the house for a first birthday party on Sunday...) I decided to bite the bullet and make Jett some jammy pants. I first mentioned I was planning on making Jett some from some cool oppy material I brought a couple of months ago. And for those of you who can sew you're probably thinking 'It's not hard, why procrastinate?', but I thought they would be. I was wrong! Boy how quick and satisfying are they to whip up??? I never knew...
So here's the first item of clothing I've ever made (OK... that worked out!). As you can see, they've passed the wearability test with Jett.
It's made me motivated enough to even try French seams on the second pair I made out of an old pillowcase Bec found for me in an op shop.
I've been saving my 'best' material for the next pair, until I was feeling more confident. This is some of the lovely material I brought from Melanie at Kimono Reincarnate - how cute is it? It's all cut up so I just need to start sewing.
I'll just have to work up the courage to try and applique something on a little top so they each have matching tops...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eye Spy... something beautiful in my backyard (OK... and a few more goodies again!)

I don't really have anything 'beautiful' in my backyard. As I've mentioned before we're not really gardening folk here in this household. My mum is a brilliant gardener and we've had many a plant have a visit to Grandma's house for a little TLC and come back to my house looking radiant... only to have them need another visit a couple of months later. I'm not sure what I do to them??? This is about as beautiful as it gets. One of the few hardy plants that flowers. But our backyard is fairly low maintenance... as you can see. However in front of this great tree is soon to be Mr Jett's new swingset he's receiving for his first birthday next week from his Nanna. But shh, it's a surprise!
If you'd like to play along with Eye Spy visit Cindy's blog and thank you to beyond pink and blue for picking this week's theme.

What's sure to be the first of many, Jett had a lovely pressie come in the mail today from the lovely Jen. How cute is it? He's already made himself at home in this house.And I even received a little package myself in the mail. I've mentioned before how much I love Hayley from RE Read's aesthetic and well... I couldn't resist this little purse for myself. How cute is it??? Love the little owl button sewn in. Hayley was even kind enough to include this awesome 'She breathed' button as an extra gift! Yay! Thanks so much! I love it! As they say on The Castle, 'It's going straight to the pool room' (well in my case, perhaps just the spot for my favourite buttons in the sewing room, but you get my drift!).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eye favourite colour and other goodies!

My usual favourite colour is green - I don't mind which. Olive, khaki, tree frog, bottle, lime, and all the rest that live on the green spectrum. This affinity started as early as I can remember, perhaps because my name is Jade... who knows. I'm sure I was (and also still am) a big pink and red fan too...

However this week my favourite colour is 'Misty Blue'. Yes, it sure does sound like a porn name, but it's not. It's the colour name of my new Townie Electra bike. And I just love love LOVE it! With Jett's first birthday approaching in two weeks (where did the last twelve months go???) we decided to get him a Wee Ride. So of course in order for the whole family to go riding (Kym does have two bikes but they are way too big for me) I needed a newbie. So happy birthday Jett, mummy got a new bike!! Hooray!!

After much searching I was beginning to think I'd just settle on any old bike because none really grabbed me. Until I met Misty Blue at New Farm Bikes. And I fell in love. Sure, it was more than I wanted to spend on a bike, but then I rationalised that I am going to have this for a long time so I should get one I really love. And Kym being Kym told me to get it if it was what I wanted...He's a bigger shopper and spender than I am! So we took it out along the river on Sunday and it was as fun and comfortable and cruisey as it looks. Perfect! Kym even brought me a basket to go with it - how ace is it???

So I felt like we were the three bears of the biking world. Me on my girly mama bike, Jett on his Wee Ride, and Kym on his very expensive and 'manly' downhill bike - which looked extremely funny with a kid seat on it! It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

On other news, BrisStyle had it's first birthday on Sunday in the Roma Street Parklands and it was a fabulous day filled with crafty goodness, perfect weather, and even more fabulous and inspirational people. Check out the latest post on the site for details here. It's always great to meet new people and also put faces to the blogs and etsy stores I've been looking at and reading for a little while now. The day also consisted of a lucky dip - and look at my fab score from Little Diva crafts!! Some of you might remember back in a previous post I said I wanted to make myself a new apron, well now there's no need! And the pin cushion I'd been using was dead boring - plain grey and something I'd got out of a watch case many years ago... I'm too embarrassed to even put an old pic of it up. So as you can see, I could not have picked out a better present - thank you Christine!
Well I've been speaking of presents for Jett (well me really I suppose!) and presents I've received, so here are two little ones I brought for me as well. I just love getting mail! I brought some cool little buttons from Hayley at RE Read which arrived yesterday - the are so brilliant - she makes them out of old children's books. And today my beautiful fabrics from the lovely Melanie at Kimono Reincarnate. How gorgeous is the packaging? Melanie even wrapped them in an extra piece of beautiful fabric - thank you!!!Now that I have these I really should get off the computer and start making something for 'Me' I think before Jetstar wakes up :P

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yes I like Pina Colada's

Kym is currently one of the Queensland judges for the Vogue Entertaining and Travel Produce Awards. On Friday he received a call that they are organising the photoshoot for the issue and they wanted him to go up to Hamilton Island for two nights. Now in six years together Kym and I have probably only spent two or three nights apart at best - none since Jett was born. But I thought I should be the 'understanding wife' (not usually my forte) and say 'of course you can go, I'll be fine'. I was a little green eyed but figured if it was me I'd be seeing him later :P

Then we got an email yesterday saying while they couldn't pay for my flight I was most welcome to join them and would be included in the accommodation. In fact, they would like partners in the shoot if possible. Hip hip horray!!! I was so super excited. In fact, I was so excited that I called Kym as soon as I saw this email, even though it was the middle of service to say Jett and I were coming... I thought perhaps my intention of being understanding brought me some good karma.

So I looked up where we were staying and then got even more excited. This hotel costs around $1400 per night!! Check out the rooms... oh how the other half live!
(photo from the Qualia website)
However my high highs went to low lows when we received an email today to say that the resort has a 'strict no children' policy. Boo hoo. I didn't even consider these places existed... I thought we were out. I was gutted... But then they seem to be organising us somewhere else to stay now so I'm hoping we're still going. Tough call by Kym though - once in a lifetime hotel resort that we can never afford... or spend the night in a lesser hotel but have Jett and I with him. I'm so lucky with his choice. If the choice was mine however... just kidding! Sort of... :P

Besides, it still looks like it will be pretty nice!
(photo from Reef View Hotel website)

Yay, Pina Colada's and long walks on the beach for me :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New upload to Beckybean

Today Bec and I uploaded more reversible handbags to our Beckybean shop - I've included a few pics here if you want a squizz!

I'm a bit excited now about our next project - Kym spoke to Merlo coffee (a local coffee roaster here in Brisbane) and has arranged for us to get our hands on some of the coffee bags that the green bags get delivered in. Yay! So we're currently in the prototype stage but watch this space (and also the Beckybean shop!) to see some new creations. They have pretty cool prints on some of them so I think (and hope!) they'll be popular :P

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eye Spy...something that makes me laugh

What a great theme this week by Anja at Drobtinice!

I know I'm a day early but thought it was perfect timing after being shown a very funny video on You Tube by my brother-in-law. It's a little crude but is pretty damn funny, and it really gets stuck in your head - it's called 'Jizz in my Pants'. Yes you read that right - I just wrote 'jizz' on my blog... :P Have I sunk to new levels??? Great Pet Shop Boys influence/piss take.

There are two others that were pretty funny sketches/songs from Saturday Night Live - the links are here and here. The titles sound a lot more offensive than they actually are - all they are are song clips with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in them doing a skit. The cast they got to do the Ben Affleck one is pretty impressive - Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams, Macy Gray, Huey Lewis, Good Charlote, etc etc. If you are offended by the 'F' word than perhaps these videos are better left unclicked, but that's about as bad as they get. Don't worry, I would never EVER put anything that was actually pornographic on my blog, let alone encourage people to click it!!

So last night and today, these made me laugh! I think I may have just 'outed' myself with my sense of humour and I hope you don't think any less of me!!! At my last work, I think I may have been the person who 'would go there' when noone else would... But I'm all out for someone taking the piss a little - I am married to a chef after all so it does take a bit to actually offend me!

One of my favourite movies is Zoolander and it will always make me laugh - still! This is only one of the many scenes I love in this movie!

And of course the boys from the Might Boosh - always gets me laughing.

I'll finish with a video from my favourite TV show, Scrubs. This show always makes me laugh!

Gotta love You Tube :D

Head on over to Cindy's site to play along.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eye Spy...something that makes me happy

Well lots of things lately have made me happy, but I think one of the best this week was getting a long overdue cut and colour. A good friend of mine works for a well-known hair product company but is often interstate working so I feel bad asking her to do my hair when she finally gets some free time, so I tend to go about 3 months or more between goes :P (Not great when you have short fine hair...!)

So she was back last week and was happy to do it in the studio on Sunday. Yay! Three hours kid-free time to relax and chat without interuptions - double yay! She always does such a brilliant job and makes me feel 'stylish' again :P

It also has the added benefit that it doesn't cost very much at all with mates rates and she often sends me packing with new hair styling products to boot, usually costing more than I gave her to do it anyway. Yay again! Here's the latest two products she gave after I said I thought I was pretty right for shampoos, volumisers etc!

So this week, Miss Kate made me happy :)

Thanks to Iris and Lily for choosing this weeks theme, and head on over to Cindy's site to play along.