Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eye Spy...something that makes me laugh

What a great theme this week by Anja at Drobtinice!

I know I'm a day early but thought it was perfect timing after being shown a very funny video on You Tube by my brother-in-law. It's a little crude but is pretty damn funny, and it really gets stuck in your head - it's called 'Jizz in my Pants'. Yes you read that right - I just wrote 'jizz' on my blog... :P Have I sunk to new levels??? Great Pet Shop Boys influence/piss take.

There are two others that were pretty funny sketches/songs from Saturday Night Live - the links are here and here. The titles sound a lot more offensive than they actually are - all they are are song clips with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in them doing a skit. The cast they got to do the Ben Affleck one is pretty impressive - Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams, Macy Gray, Huey Lewis, Good Charlote, etc etc. If you are offended by the 'F' word than perhaps these videos are better left unclicked, but that's about as bad as they get. Don't worry, I would never EVER put anything that was actually pornographic on my blog, let alone encourage people to click it!!

So last night and today, these made me laugh! I think I may have just 'outed' myself with my sense of humour and I hope you don't think any less of me!!! At my last work, I think I may have been the person who 'would go there' when noone else would... But I'm all out for someone taking the piss a little - I am married to a chef after all so it does take a bit to actually offend me!

One of my favourite movies is Zoolander and it will always make me laugh - still! This is only one of the many scenes I love in this movie!

And of course the boys from the Might Boosh - always gets me laughing.

I'll finish with a video from my favourite TV show, Scrubs. This show always makes me laugh!

Gotta love You Tube :D

Head on over to Cindy's site to play along.


edward and lilly said...

I love Zoolander, I never tire of how funny it is - I love the orange mocha frapaccino scene, good stuff :D

amity ville boronia said...

Ha, I love Andy Samburg! His videos are always the best. I also like *ahem* "Dick in a box"

Jade said...

I know to both comments! So many great lines in Zoolander (I think I know them off by heart), and that video is pretty funny too - so is 'Soup in a can' - it's no longer on You Tube but it's on Metacafe if you haven't seen that one :P

Bek said...

I lurve scrubs and zoolander too. A lot.

Anonymous said...

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