Friday, April 9, 2010

See you on the flipside fellow bloggers :)

What a crazy month March was! There was the BrisStyle market in the beginning (there's some pics below of some lovely stalls on the day), and of course the big birthday bash for Jettster who turned two at the end of March. Above was 'the cake'. The real 'toot toot' cake he had been pointing out since he found my Women's Weekly birthday cookbook in February. It was one of those 'great from far' cakes. Don't look too closely at the smeared icing sugar, or the fact that taking a big cake like that to a park (mum nearly wore it a few times as I rounded corners!), in Brisbane - still reaching tops of 30 degrees, was no mean feat. Melting icing sugar meant wheels were not always staying where they were supposed to. But he loved it. So I'm happy. Last year Kym had to 'save me' with my pirate ship cake, so I was pleased to avert such disasters this time around.
Somewhere in the middle of it all I've been decluttering and trying (??) to organise myself for the arrival of the next little one coming out...ahem... Monday. eek. I'm sorry did I say 'eek'? I meant, holy crappola!!!!

I really need to get off the internet and finish cleaning/packing/writing Kym's do's and don't lists for Jett/organising movies to watch in the middle of the night, etc etc etc! Oh and of course trying to find time in the day to 'relax and sleep' before the meanings of these words become all but a distant memory for the next few years again :p
So, farewell, fellow bloggers, it will probably be a while... See you on the flipside!