Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yes I like Pina Colada's

Kym is currently one of the Queensland judges for the Vogue Entertaining and Travel Produce Awards. On Friday he received a call that they are organising the photoshoot for the issue and they wanted him to go up to Hamilton Island for two nights. Now in six years together Kym and I have probably only spent two or three nights apart at best - none since Jett was born. But I thought I should be the 'understanding wife' (not usually my forte) and say 'of course you can go, I'll be fine'. I was a little green eyed but figured if it was me I'd be seeing him later :P

Then we got an email yesterday saying while they couldn't pay for my flight I was most welcome to join them and would be included in the accommodation. In fact, they would like partners in the shoot if possible. Hip hip horray!!! I was so super excited. In fact, I was so excited that I called Kym as soon as I saw this email, even though it was the middle of service to say Jett and I were coming... I thought perhaps my intention of being understanding brought me some good karma.

So I looked up where we were staying and then got even more excited. This hotel costs around $1400 per night!! Check out the rooms... oh how the other half live!
(photo from the Qualia website)
However my high highs went to low lows when we received an email today to say that the resort has a 'strict no children' policy. Boo hoo. I didn't even consider these places existed... I thought we were out. I was gutted... But then they seem to be organising us somewhere else to stay now so I'm hoping we're still going. Tough call by Kym though - once in a lifetime hotel resort that we can never afford... or spend the night in a lesser hotel but have Jett and I with him. I'm so lucky with his choice. If the choice was mine however... just kidding! Sort of... :P

Besides, it still looks like it will be pretty nice!
(photo from Reef View Hotel website)

Yay, Pina Colada's and long walks on the beach for me :D


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Lucky you! Have a great time away! Such a bummer that the other hotel had a no kids policy!

Jade said...

I know...! Disappointing as I can be in the shoot but Jett's not allowed on the premises so he can't be in it :( Sigh... but at least they've put us somewhere so still happy I get a mini-break!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Still looks gorgeous! Great that you can go, and take your little one! Have a nana nap for me!!

flossy-p said...

oooh so close .... still, I'm sure where you end up will be unforgettable all the same :)

What a great offer!

REread said...

yeah Qualia rocks ... my work sends peeps there (not me I'm get the holiday inn ... crap) ... but the 'important people' get to stay there ... but Hamilton Island is so nice it'd be cool in a tent :)

Hot Fudge said...

How fantastic for you. And just consider this - would you want to stay at a hotel which had a no children policy? That's a no brainer.

Have the most wonderful time and I'll be scanning future Vogue Entertaining issues to see if you make it onto their pages. Lucky you!

Bek said...

What a great opportunity nonetheless! I'm sure you will have a great time. Thanks for your words of affirmation on my recent post by the way, very much appreciated!!

littlechrissy said...

Oh yay! I stayed at the Reef View Hotel last year when I was up there for a wedding. Don't be put off by the exterior of the building. The rooms are AMAZING, the view to die for and the bar by the pool very hard to leave.
PS I have given you an award. Swing by my blog to collect :-)

bubbachenille said...

It seems everyone who reads your blog is going to be green eyed! Lucky you !

Steph Bond said...

Hi Jade, SO LUCKY! We were at "Hamo" in Dec and stayed at Shorelines which was truly incredible and a fraction of the cost of Qualia. And we could see Qualia from our balcony, and it had the same view as we did... so if you're looking for something more reasonable. Booked through Whitsunday Holidays. How exciting!