Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eye Spy... something beautiful in my backyard (OK... and a few more goodies again!)

I don't really have anything 'beautiful' in my backyard. As I've mentioned before we're not really gardening folk here in this household. My mum is a brilliant gardener and we've had many a plant have a visit to Grandma's house for a little TLC and come back to my house looking radiant... only to have them need another visit a couple of months later. I'm not sure what I do to them??? This is about as beautiful as it gets. One of the few hardy plants that flowers. But our backyard is fairly low maintenance... as you can see. However in front of this great tree is soon to be Mr Jett's new swingset he's receiving for his first birthday next week from his Nanna. But shh, it's a surprise!
If you'd like to play along with Eye Spy visit Cindy's blog and thank you to beyond pink and blue for picking this week's theme.

What's sure to be the first of many, Jett had a lovely pressie come in the mail today from the lovely Jen. How cute is it? He's already made himself at home in this house.And I even received a little package myself in the mail. I've mentioned before how much I love Hayley from RE Read's aesthetic and well... I couldn't resist this little purse for myself. How cute is it??? Love the little owl button sewn in. Hayley was even kind enough to include this awesome 'She breathed' button as an extra gift! Yay! Thanks so much! I love it! As they say on The Castle, 'It's going straight to the pool room' (well in my case, perhaps just the spot for my favourite buttons in the sewing room, but you get my drift!).


Bec said...

Ooooh, you lucky thing. Can't wait to see these in person. Watcha gonna use the button on? Oooohhhhh, so many options!!!!!!!

Hot Fudge said...

Watch out - I can see a sister attack coming on. Hide that button while you still have the chance!

And a big happy birthday to Jett. He's going to love his swing set.

CurlyPops said...

Wowee that backyard is huge! Perfect for a new swingset.