Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eye Spy... something beginning with 'J'

I'm beginning to think my Eye-Spy Sunday is really my Eye-Spy Wednesday. I keep being super busy on the weekends that it seems to take until today to do my post.

So I seem to live in a house of 'J's - me (Jade), our boy Jett and my husband's middle name is John. But trying to find a pic I want to put up proved quite difficult...
But here it is - Jett having a sleep yesterday. I love the way he curls up with his legs and looks so small in our big king size bed. Always gives me the warm fuzzys to see him looking so peaceful.

My other something beginning with 'J' is joy - the feeling I had when my lovely husband gave me this beautiful orchid this morning for our 3rd wedding anniversary. I just love it. Pre-Jett we often would buy orchids for home, and it was the flower of choice on our wedding day, so I'm well-happy he gave me something so thoughtful and simple. He's a keeper :)

Thanks Lauren for picking this weeks theme, and head over to Cindy's site to play along.


cindy said...

If you were struggling for a J, Jett is pretty darn sute in that great big bed!
Nice anniversary remembering to the man of the house too! I may have to get him to give Glen some lessons.

Bec said...

Ooooh, I miss seeing my kids sleep like that. I remember Lee loved a bit of 'bum-up' action on his tummy when he was little. Soooooo so cute :)

AnastasiaC said...

awww precious! love that bum in the air sleeping pose!
happy anniversary!! its mine today!