Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby steps...

After some serious time off, I'm coming around to the idea of a spot or sewing and perhaps a little blogging. I'm not sure if it was a little burn out, the fact that Kym had been around so much more through the restaurant renos, or the fact that I needed some 'computer timeout' for a little while. Or perhaps the crappy morning sickness I was feeling for a while there... but I'm now 15 weeks and feel like I'm starting to feel motivated! More energy, more time, and ready to start thinking about 'gettin back on the horse so the expression goes.

So this is a small post. Just testing it out. See if it still fits. I'm definitely thinking about it, so for a big procrastinator like me, means I'm half-way there!

So sorry for being a slack ass and not reading all the lovely blogs that used to fill so much of my time - I'll try and be better I promise!!!


littlechrissy said...

oh it fits - we wanna hear all about what you've been doing! Welcome back and congrats on your new belly fruit!

Hot Fudge said...

So good to have you back on Blogland. And a new little life on the way to boot - how exciting!

EmBelISH said...

So nice to have you back in blog land, I've missed ready about your adventures :)

And a big Congratulations too!!! exciting stuff

Bel x

Car said...

Welcome back to blogland :)

and a huge congratulations on the extra cargo! Hope you continue to feel well for the remaining weeks!