Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eek, two weeks until BIDM!

Boy have I been queen of procrastination this year... 'I really should be sorting through Jett's clothes getting ready for the next boy', 'I really should be restocking the new bathroom vanity now that it's finished with all of our things that were carted down to the spare bathroom downstairs during the reno', and most recently 'I really should starting sewing for the next BrisStyle Indie Designers Market in two weeks'. That's right, two weeks. And I've done squat. Not a thing. Nudda. I feel like I'm uni again and leaving everything to last minute!

But what have I been doing instead? Between spending time trying to get Jett to keep his daysleep and then getting him to sleep at night, then tidying the house of toys and the odd bout of cleaning that I feel I really have to do every now and then, I just want to sleep. Like all the time. Except I can't - I have a toddler and a bladder that doesn't understand :p

So in a bid to get motivated I headed off to some op shops hoping to feel inspired by fabric, tea towels, tableclothes, anything! (oh yeah that's right, I procrastinated that trip for two weeks too!) And I think it worked - after a trip last Wednesday to four op shops carrying Jett around to each one and trying to explain that he can only pick 'one' toy to take home with him, I was feeling deflated as none had anything a bit special. But as I was leaving and trying to explain to Jett that he needs to hold my hand when there's so many cars about, some bright coloured tea towels caught my eye in an antique shop. Hurrah, hope at last. So in we went, amid nervous glances from the lady in the shop who didn't seem entirely comfortable with my toddler (with said chosen dinosaur figurine in hand) accompanying me. And it was a good score - so many vintage tea towels to choose from! I finally felt motivated and spent the next day cutting and pinning and getting ready to pull my finger out. Here's a sneak peek of some bags/tea towels that are still either waiting for buttons, waiting to be put together with linings and straps, or just waiting to become 'something'. The above pic is a bit hard to tell as the lighting wasn't great, but I'm a bit excited about the red London bus bag (top left) - I think it's going to be very cool and I don't think I'll be disappointed if it doesn't sell as I wouldn't mind keeping this one for me...:pBec's been a little more organised than me and you can check out some of the very cool little coin purses coming at you in two weeks from Beckybean here!!

OK it's so past my bedtime so until we meet again :)


Ali said...

Oooh, what a nice little bundle of tea-towels Jade! Looking forward to seeing them all reinvented at BiDM! :)

Hot Fudge said...

Eek! I know ... eek! For someone who has been procrastinating, you sure have made up for it - the bags are fabulous!

Sandrine said...

who said panic!!Looking forward to see you at the next eek event :)x

Cindy said...

That was tea towel JAcKPOT. I will be very surprised if you come home with that gorgeous bus bag! Love it, but I always love your designs - clever girls

Show you said...

i realize ... eek! For somebody who has become procrastinating, you positive have created up for it - the bags are fabulous!
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