Thursday, February 26, 2009

A cup of tea and a bit of a catch up

Ah, it's been well worth the wait! I feel I have been overdue for a sit down and relax with a cup of tea while I reflect... things have been a little hectic here and I keep feeling like I've got 50,000 things to do and no time to do them in... The fact that Jett is enjoying making me earn my stay-at-home-mothering job by taking anywhere up to an hour to go to sleep (2 day sleeps and a nighttime one means this can be up to 3 hours!!) isn't helping. But then I only need to look at him and the frustration melts (well, actually, truth be told, it melted after having a light beer and glass of wine at mum's!), but hey sometimes it melts without the use of alcohol :P

I've had a few things I've been meaning to blog about but then time has slipped and they are no longer as current. But here's my lovely post-Valentines Day breakfast that Kym made for me on the Sunday because he worked on the Saturday. Hmm.. it was pretty good. Scrambled eggs and avocado on Sol bread, all washed down with a superb bottle of Champagne. (Ignore the 'lick it' on the bottle that was written by Urbane's kitchen team, sometimes it's best not to question!) I think I've become a bit of a Champagne snob of late and now that I can only have a glass or two at a time I've decided it needs to be the good stuff. Life's too short to drink cheap wine, that's what I say :D

Then there was the great meal we had at our house Sunday week ago with my extended family when Kym brought home some yummy snapper fillets stuffed with crab mousse left over from work (**I assume the boys from Urbane don't read my blog! he he he -just kidding, it was needing to be chucked if not eaten) and he wok-tossed some wombok, yams and shallots with fish sauce and ginger, served with rice. Jett was just mad for it! We're proud the little man has taste :P Excuse the pic too - I was planning on taking the photo before I started eating it but couldn't help myself!

Mum and Bec both made desserts so were well stuffed afterward but it was totally worth it. Mum made a delicious bread and butter pudding and Bec a fancy take on a crumble, made with yummy nuts and seeds in the crumble, and peach and raspberry's as the filling. I feel hungry again just writing about it... As Bec's was still in the oven when this pic was taken I only have one of mum's.

Then there's been lots of pochette making which was lots of fun for the Beckybean shop and myself. But I'm about to get into the reversibles again so I'm about to go in and pick some fabrics once I get off the computer... all in good time though. I want to savour this cup of tea.

Oh and the biscuits I made last Thursday for a friend coming over for a visit... They are chocolatey, oatey, LSA (ey), and absolutely delicious. We are always modifying ingredients and they still always turn out crackers. I had every intention of making them a week earlier and sending the recipe in for the Handmade Help Cookbook but it didn't happen and by the time I had this photo they were full on biscuits! So I opted for my minestrone recipe soup so I guess I'll wait and see if I made the cut :P (pardon the pun, he he he).

Other than that, there's been a bit of 'park life' with my mum and the kids, trips to Gymboree, cafes with Bec and the kids, quick visits down to SA to see all the in-laws, lots of op shop browsing, swims at my aunty and uncles and parents places, swimming lessons with Jett and Kate, and of course a bit of swimming action at Southbank last Sunday (possible with the rest of South-East QLD!), where we still managed to run into a few sets of friends we hadn't seen for a while. I love how Brisbane really has the small-town feel sometimes :D

Oh and before I forget, the lovely Bel and Em from EmBelish have nominated me for Proximidade Award. Bel and Em are fellow BrisStylers who have a great blog and sell some gorgeous little items in their Etsy shop, like hairclips, softies, brooches and many other fabulous things - go check them out! Thank-you Bel and Em, I am really stoked you thought of me for this award.

Proximidade is described as follows:

This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!

Now it where I list eight other people to pass it onto. Like Bec, I can't choose (I am a Librian afterall so I'm going with that excuse!) and don't want to double up on anyone that may have already received it. Check out my 'lovely blogs' on the side here and see if there's any you aren't familiar with and have a read. You never know what you might find out :D

So it's been good to reflect on my busy couple of weeks, and to remember just how good I have it sometimes. I know I wouldn't want anything any other way!


Cindy said...

My goodness you have been a busy bean (pardon the pun). It sounds like it has all been good busy though. I love it when the bubbas decide they don't need sleep anymore! Don't you love them!

Hot Fudge said...

What a wonderful couple of weeks you have had. It's eerie how much our husbands have in common - yours loves to cook magnificent meals and mine loves to eat them.

Oh, and I LOVE your pochettes.

Car said...

Uh your blog makes my mouth water!!! I'm so hungry :)

Paula Weston said...

Note to self: don't read Jade's blog when hungry. :)

And yes, I agree: life is WAY too short for bad wine.

Great post!

Bec said...

Hey, I'm still thinking about that breakfast you and Kym put on for us on the weekend. Just awesome. Especially the scrambled eggs!!!!!