Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eye Spy... a small object

This is one of Jett's many dummy's that now surround our house. It's about as small as things get around here (or try to be anyway!). Before Jett was born I was convinced he was not going to have a dummy - I wasn't going to give him one. When he was born I didn't even have one as a 'just in case'. I can't pinpoint my issue with it. I didn't think it was wrong for others to have them. I just didn't want Jett to 'need it'.

And then he hated the car... actually he's still not a big fan (how many 10 month old's do you know have their own DVD player since they were 4 months old???). But it and the dummy together seemed to ease the non-stop crying in the car. Phew, I thought I was bound to only go within a 10 minute radius from home. He really did just love being able to suck all the time (and it was not a feasible option to let him be permanently attached to my breast 24/7). Then it seemed to help put to him to sleep when rocking. Then I said he would only have it when he was going to sleep. Then it seemed to help him not need to feed every 2 hours at nighttime. Then he would hurt himself and it helped calm him down, or stopped him crying when he was getting tired.

Now I have just succumbed to the fact that he has a dummy and he really does LOVE it. He gets excited for it. He no longer has it at the times that 'I dictate it's OK'. And now that he's at the 'I must put everything I see in my mouth stage', it certainly helps reduce the amount of foreign objects that pass his lips. Oh and when we're out in public or eating at a restaurant, it often helps with the excessive yelling or crying.

So I guess I have learned my lesson - at the end of the day you can't control everything as a parent. They have their own personalities and there's only so much you can do. Oh, and I guess never say never right?

Thank you to the Crafty Librarian for selecting this weeks theme and head on over to Cindy's site to play along.


cindy said...

Oh that is so true. Caleb LOVES his still and Poppy didn't ever want one. You can't pick them but if they are one of those mouthy kids they are invaluable.
Hey would you mind picking next weeks theme, you will need to post it tuesday-ish next week.

Jade said...

Thanks Cindy! I'd love to. Will put my thinking cap on now :)

Bec said...

HA ha - all I can say is "Ditto". Same deal with Lee. And the crazy thing is that by the time Kate came along I was all ok and on board with the dummy thing. So of course she hated it and decided to suck her fingers instead. Figures!

Christina Lowry said...

I was the same! Didn't really want Cohen to have a dummy, at least until he was a couple of months old if he must. Ha! At two weeks it was the only thing that stoped him from trying to have a feed every hour! Life saving little thing. :)