Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eye Spy...a magical elixir

This has been the week for magical elixir's in this house. I've had a cold now for more than a week and I've had my share of magical potions in the form of nasal sprays, steam rooms, raw green beans, panadol, echinacea and vitamin C lozenges... It seems if you say you are still breastfeeding you walk away from the pharmacy with paracetamol - woo hoo! Or go crazy with some nurofen!!! That always does NOTHING to stop your nose running or coughing when you have a cold... :( Tempting to take my obstetrician's advice when he said 'just don't tell the doctor you are pregnant or breastfeeding when you have a cold as they way are too cautious, and the pharamacist is even worst. Call my office and I'm sure we'll say it's OK to take'. It was certainly tempting...

But I think last night and today was when the 'special big guns' potions were administered - Bec made a really yummy chicken and spelt pasta vegetable broth - didn't that soothe the soul? It was excellent. And then this morning Kym got Jett up and let me sleep in for an extra hour, and then made me some freshly stewed figs, strawberries and raspberries with porridge. Double yay! I can feel myself getting better already.

Soon I will be back to my daily maintenance program of fruit smoothies, earl grey tea and lots and lots of chocolate!

Thanks to Amy for picking this cool theme and of course to Cindy for hosting - head on over to her site to play along.

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Sarah said...

mmm, nothing is better than soup. feel better soon!