Thursday, April 23, 2009

Someone better push play!

Well Bec and I have so many thank you's to say of late to people that someone may need to start playing that music they play during the Oscar speeches to hurry people up... I'm not saying any more than Bec has said already, but feel it's important for me to say it too.

Firstly I wanted to say a big thanks to all the wonderful people who voted for Beckybean and also the other Brisstyle girls who were nominated for the Etsy best Eco friendly-finds - we managed to come in 10th spot and Bec and I are super proud, chuffed and excited to have done so well. So thank you! This little softie came it at number 6 - how cute is it???

One of a Kind - Sunshine Hoot Owls - Radiant Raye by Buttercupbloom

Next in line for a thank you is Cam from Curly Pops shop and blog who was recently a guest blogger on the Cuteable website. She chose to feature one of our bags from the Crema Range which was very cool. Yay! I currently have my eye on this lovely bag that I'm adding to my Mother's Day wishlist for Kym...

Handbag - Beautiful Butterflies by Curly Pops

Julia from Studio Home Creative also featured two of our coffee bags on her blog - thanks!!! Studio Home Creative is a little portal into what and who is new, old, exciting, creative and worth a mention downunder. Check it out :D

Thank you Therese from Little Mary Moo blog and shop (also a Brisstyle member like myself) for featuring another of our bags from the Crema Range on her blog. Therese makes some very cute bags and purses in her own shop and I confess to owning three myself. Looking forward to the next Brisstyle Market in July to re-stock!

Words to Knit With Purse by Little Mary Moo's Place

Rebecca from the lovely Edward and Lily blog and shop (and another Brisstyle girl!) also featured one of our Crema Range bags on her blog - thank you!! I urge everyone to check out her gorgeous purses, softies and homeware goods in her Made It shop.

Chic Boots Zipper Pouch by Rebecca from Edward and Lily

Finally a big thank you to Anastasia from Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming blog, and Percival Road Designs, for featuring my Creme Brulee Pochette on her lovely blog! I'm yet to own any of Anastasia's beautiful handmade paper goods but I'm adding them to my wishlist too :D

Sweet Greeting Collage Card - Smell the Roses by Anastasia of Percival Road Designs

Hmm.... I think that may be it. Oh and I'd like to thank Jett and Kym and my family for making it all possible - he he he. Hang on, if this is an Oscar's speech I should probably thank god and say 'God Bless America' too... just kidding :P

On a different note, I don't particpiate in Watcha Wearing Wednesday and yesterday I discovered why I don't! I went out for a walk yesterday so I could get Jett to sleep in the Ergo. I was walking for a little while along the street when I discovered this.

What a very 'I need to get some more sleep' mum thing to do. I've gone out before with baby-sick/sticky fingers stains on my top, or been shopping only to realise I hadn't fastened my breastfeeding bra properly and it was fallng down, but this was a new one - two different shoes! Bec made me feel better when she told me she once went to work with two completely different styles of shoes on! He he he, sorry Bec, I hope that wasn't one of those things I wasn't meant to mention to EVERYBODY! Anyway, next stop, Woolies in my trackies I think :P

Phew, how far did you get through this LONG post before you were wishing someone started playing the wind up music earlier? I'm sorry, but I didn't want to miss anybody!


Little Diva said...

Don't worry, nothing to do with shoes, but the other day we were leaving swimming lessons and I turned around saying where's Harry gone?? He was in the pram where I had just put him 30 seconds before and which I was pushing.... I need to start going to bed earlier!!

Jade said...

Excellent, I'm pleased we're not the only ones!

CurlyPops said...

Sheesh it must have taken aaaaages to write that Oscars speech. Well done!
You're cracking me up with the odd shoes.

Car said...

Precisely why I won't buy the same style shoes in 2 colourways, regardless of how comfortable they maybe!!!

If it makes you feel any better, on several occasions I've found myself in the city (Queen St Mall) with either no matching shoes for my outfit, or a blowout in my thongs... embarrassing at the best of times

Bec said...

Oh Goodness, I'm cacking myself laughing at what any readers from America must be thinking as they read Car's comment about her thong blogout! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
And thanks for outing me Jade!!! At least you didn't mention that one was a heeled mary jane and the other a doc martin boot :O

Ali said...

Congrats to you and Bec for getting number ten! Good stuff!

Jade said...

well bec it seems there was no need as you just outed yourself!!! :)

that is too funny Car! should we clarify for any US readers that thongs are flip flop shoes, not underwear???

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Congratulations on your number 10 spot!! Brilliant and well deserved!!

Love the mismatched shoes. Saw a maternity shirt the other day with the question across the belly "Do my shoes match?".

Little Mary Moo said...

Huge congratulations to you both. Fab speech by the way. It is so lovely to see all your wonderful bags being spread across the blogging world. Thanks for popping the pic up of my little purse too.

Ah the shoes. I can see how that would be easy to do. I hope you've managed to find some more sleep in your days.

RocketGirl said...

Haha just pretend you wore two different shoes on purpose!

So funny- I actually bought that card from Anastasia the other day for a friend's new little baby (sorry!)...I can recommend her paper pretties :)

xx Nicky
NotRocketSurgery/VintagePrincipessa on etsy