Friday, May 29, 2009

Everybody needs a Colin

Dad does and always has done so much for all us kids. Fixing up cars for us, houses, any kind of repairs, you name it - he's probably done it for us. I feel very lucky to have a Dad like ours.

Even last week when the storms wreaked havoc in SEQ and my downstairs area was flooding a bit - Dad was out in the rain with Kym digging a trench to stop a repeat happening that night. When Matt and Sarah needed a house renovation for three more rooms before the arrival of my third nephew, he did it with my uncle in only two weeks. When Bec and Matt needed another air conditioner installed for the kids or a cubby house, he did it. Yep, Dad's pretty handy!

I find it impossible to recount all the times he's gone above and beyond, but have a few that are impossible to forget - my Mini breaking down in Melbourne at 5.30am and him leaving home straight away to make the 4 hr drive to come and bring me another one, or the time I crashed my car (in Queensland!) and he drove up from Victoria with another... It sometimes seems I cannot make any home decision even now without first consulting my Dad - this probably should annoy Kym more than it does, but it doesn't - he knows his limitations most of the time in this area! I joke with Dad about it and he says he's happy to do it as long as Kym cooks him lunch!!

Why am I talking so much about my Dad at the moment you may ask? Well he's done it again. He's helping Bec and I once more. This time he's helping us at the Beckybean shop.

Dad has so many tools in his shed and after talking about it with Bec and I he got to work and experimented with making some buttons for us. I love how each seems unique and special when I know that Dad has carved out each one and put the drop of linseed on with his very own hands. Even some of the wood he's used is red gum from the Nyah Forest in Victoria where we all grew up. Very special indeed. And check them out!
How totally awesome are they? They just go perfectly with our coffee bags and market totes! I've included a few pics of the latest ones that just got uploaded to the shop.This little tote was sold on Friday to the lovely Teneale from Wicked Child Designs - she currently has a blog giveaway on that ends midnight tonight so you better hurry up and check it out to enter!!

I was telling one of my best friends, Jodie, about how Dad was making these buttons for us, just after I'd finished telling her he'd fixed our flooding problem. "Everybody needs a Colin" she'd said to me. Yes, I think she's right :)

Thanks Dad!


littlechrissy said...

The buttons are amazing and look beautiful on the bags. My Colin is my grandpa.. an absolute champion who can fix anything.

REread said...

those buttons are way cool .. and i love the pyrex ramekin they are in !!

mixtapezine said...

edward and lilly said...

Aren't Dads the best! I wish mine lived a little closer. The buttons are so cool and unique. So when is Colin opening an etsy store?

Bec said...

Awwww Jade, I finally got round to reading this and it brought a tear to my eye. We really are so lucky aren't we! I could add so much more to this list (like making me a timber racing steering wheel for my mini - because we had seen a really expensive one in a shop and I had mentioned that it was 'cool'). See you tonight for dinner :)

Michelle said...

The buttons are magnificent!
Your Dad sounds wonderful.
My Mum helps me cut out felt circles sometimes for my projects - I'd be lost without her.
How lucky are we??
Oh, and I'm with Edward and Lily - Colin should definitely open an Etsy store :)

AnastasiaC said...

what an awesome dad you have! and clever too - those buttons are gorgeous!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love my dad, but boy do I wish he was a "Colin". Those buttons look fabulous!