Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eye Spy...what I am reading now

I feel the theme this week is very apt for me... the Beckybean sweatshop had been working pretty hard the last few weeks and we'd both been feeling a little worn so decided to put the brakes on a little - not too much, but just enough to get motivated again. This has given me some time to do something else I like to do in my spare time. Read. Escape.

I borrowed this book off Bec months ago and it's taken me some time to get into it as I was only ever getting enough time to read a page or so before I'd fall asleep. So last night and again tonight I'm curling up on the couch, with a cup of tea, TV off, and reading more of Raymond Feist's 'classic fantasy, the Magician'.

I love escapism in my books. After having Jett I was needing some easy reads to get my brain back into gear and was really into the Diana Wynne Jones books and the Artemis Foul series by Eoin Colfer (who doens't love a bit of teen fiction???). But after reading Tom Robbins' Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates (which with my post-baby brain took me a bit to get into but then totally loved it) I'm getting back into some adult fiction again and loving it!

Thanks so much to A Glass Half Full for picking such a great theme. Can't wait to see what everyone else is reading (perhaps I'm the only nerdy science fiction lover???). Head on over to Bugandpop to play along.


REread said...

yeah I'm no much of a fantasy fan, but i did like that book, tried to read the series, by the 3rd one I was like nahhh, it was all a bit too much the same, fighting, walking, magic, more walking and some more fighting ??

Bek said...

I don't mind nerdy sci-fi! I hope a little bit of down time will be helpful. Enjoy!

Christina Lowry said...

I've read my fair share of nerdy sci-fi in my time too! I also love Douglas Adams comedy sci-fi. The movie was a bit disappointing though! :)

AnastasiaC said...

Happy Mothers Day! feeling like that too - a little worn out, just finished 2 orders and onto the third, my creativity is running on empty! Wish i had more time to read juicy novels!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

No, you're not the only one! I'm also a nerdy sci-fi fan :)

dentedlentil said...

The Magician is one of my favourite books. Actually the whole saga is pretty good.

If you like that then series by Phillip Pullman called His Dark Materials is pretty good as well.